Formal Observation #2

Formal Observation #2: Sequence of Events – Timeline Features

This week I had three opportunities to improve my teaching. The first came during the process of crafting and revising (three times) my lesson plan with the input of my CT and professor. The second and third came from the feedback of my professor’s observation of my lesson during our AM Class and my own video recording of the same lesson completed with our PM Class. I will reflect and discuss the video recording as well as peer observation of it next week. This week I will discuss how I can improve on the areas of improvement

With so many lesson planning resources available at my fingertips you would think creating an authentic lesson plan would be quick and “easy” to complete. For me, my drafts seem to be generic and dull. I decided if I wanted to peak our students learning I would need to seek out the help of all the resources we have available. I first had the feedback from my professor which helped me recognize the gaps and flaws in my first draft. I followed those corrections with the help of my CT who provided me with the LAFS iReady workbook. The workbook helped me guide my lesson to be better aligned with the standards and more purpose-driven. Moving forward I will remember the success (which I hope is proportionate to my experience) I had in creating this lesson plan. I will know that the planning portion of a lesson makes every difference in the world and that it usually (especially with teachers and preservice teachers at a novice level) takes a team to construct the most effective lessons. I look forward to building my own library of lesson plans as student/classroom specific modifications will be much less time consuming and more effective in terms of learning.

The first lesson, during AM Class, was pretty well controlled in terms of behavior management. The students appeared to be responsive to my instruction but I cannot say with any real certainty that the students have furthered their knowledge on sequence of events and its use and value. This is where assessment must be implemented. While my plan included means of measuring student(s) learning and progress before, during, and after the lesson the actual implementation of assessment was not applied. I know I need to improve my formative assessing skills. I will start by making sure I have a clipboard with a list of student names on it and a chart in which I can quickly jot down any misconceptions, understandings, etc. which will overall help shape my instruction and awareness of my students needs. In addition, I need to work on improving my HOT questioning skills. It was brought to my attention that after asking questions I rarely give students the opportunity to answer them. Sometimes I think its my nerves and adrenaline that rush me past it and at other times its my fear of not knowing how to guide their thinking back on track. By using the same resources and seeking ideas of peers and superiors and experts in the field I can practice becoming more question-savvy and help guide my students higher order thinking skills.

Next, week I’ll update the status of my video recording reflection and my peer observation results and projected goals.


One thought on “Formal Observation #2

  1. I am really glad that you included the journey of writing and revising your lesson plan. It often amazes me how often I notice things that were wrong after the lesson. Using your CT and professor, with their experience, to improve the lesson certainly helps both you and your students. Also, I find it very hard to take anecdotal notes as well. It is really something that has to be built out of habit and learning to have that clipboard attached to your hip.


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