Peer Observation #1: Reflections


I know we covered the experience of my first time being formally observed by my MAT Professor last week so now I would like to share how my peer observation helped me acknowledge areas of improvement I should be focused on.

The first

There are several notable differences that exist between my peer and superior observations. The first being that during my peer observation I was mimicking a guided lesson my CT had just modeled for me. When I was observed by my professor I was responsible for creating and implementing my own guided lesson plan. So my confidence level was most certainly higher during my peer observation. What I know now is, it all boils down to how many experiences teachers have in the classroom that give them the confidence they need to know the choices they make are effectively helping their students develop into higher order thinkers and doers.

Some feedback I had from my peer observer was as follows:

– I had a group of students who worked well together and that I was able to maintain behavioral control

– I asked a two HOT questions

– I seemed a little unsure of myself

My peer observer really hit the nail on the head recognizing my uncertainty! Its something I can definitely say I have been focusing on and feel strongly that I’m getting more comfortable and content with myself.

I will continue thinking of HOT questions I can use when lessons take a different direction then I initially intended upon happening. All in all, I find value in working with my peers who can provide me with a perspective I may have otherwise missed out on.

Until next week,